Sunday, 8 July 2012

Canada Day

Had an enjoyable evening in this same spot last year. My nephew had expressed an interest in coming with me this year to watch the fireworks, but when told that he would have to walk through a cemetery in the dark, he wussed out. I laughed at him. Oh well, his loss.
 Where I was going.
Long shadows.
Handsome devil hiking.
Cemetery on the other side.
Almost guaranteed to find at least one person fishing down by the bridge on any day.
Looking up the cove towards the Bay.
Sailboat anchored outside the exclusion zone to watch the fireworks.
Bush-Buddy ready to light.
Nice little contained fire on the beach. Had a delicious dinner, cup of tea, after dinner aperitifs.Wonderful evening.
Looking toward Wilow Cove.

Fireworks photos were of course crummy, so just look at a few of these and pretend they were the ones I took.

Hung out for quite a while. Temps were perfect, bugs were barely there, the moon was nearly full, and I was the only person there. While there were some people off on boats in the water, I was the only person on land who made the trek to observe the fireworks from there. Fine with me.

Then I walked through not one but two cemeteries in the dark, without turning on my flashlight once, and I survived to write about it. No ghosts or zombies or vampires were encountered, contrary to what my ScoobyDoo watching nephew feared.

Oh and happy Canada Day. Love living in this country.

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