Thursday, 19 July 2012

Morning Stroll

Wandered down to the sail loft early one morning last week, and is my wont, stopped to snap a few pics along the way.
Taken from the bridge on Bay St. The newspaper has been full of editorials lately with well meaning but naive people stating these marshaling yards are squandering prime waterfront property and should be moved somewhere else, so that fabulous condos can be built in their place. Not a single one of them offers up a solution to the question, the all important question. Where? Where do they imagine they are going to move these marshaling yards to? Railways can’t operate without them, and I’m hard pressed to think where in this area they could move them. Given that a few kilometers north of here is the, if not one of the busiest railroad junctions in all of North America, and that the stretch between here and Oakville is the, if not one of the busiest stretches of track in North America, these calls strike me as blithering foolishness. Sure it would be lovely if they weren’t here. But they’ve been there for 150 years. It’s too late for any of that given the amount of growth that has occurred around here in those decades. And let’s not get into how much it would cost to re-mediate that land.
Bayfront Park.
My view to the left as I sat and had a delicious coffee.
My view to the right as I sat and had a delicious coffee.
Dundurn Castle from the other side.
Burlington on the opposite shore.
Bucolic scenery.

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