Sunday, 7 July 2013

Want to sail across the Atlantic?

I’ve had the thought that I would like to go across the Atlantic on a ship some time. Figured if it were ever to happen, it would likely be on a large cargo vessel that took aboard some paying passengers. Well, there is a cargo ship that will take aboard paying passengers, the only twist being that it is a sailing ship. A 32 meter long brigantine, the “Tres Hombres” to be precise. It maintains a freight service between Europe, the Caribbean and America. Besides a cargo capacity of 35 tons, she has accommodation for 5 crew members and a maximum of 12 passengers. Not necessarily cheap, but then I suspect the economics of shipping cargo this way isn’t quite what a Panamax offers, not to mention the cost of getting this vessel seaworthy and then maintaining that status.

More info at Fairtransport. (Click “Tres Hombres” in the upper right corner, then switch to English language).

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