Saturday, 19 October 2013

Karma and Paying it Forward

Had an interview yesterday. Rymal and Upper Ottawa. Took the bus. The #22. It turns off into an industrial park, and meanders around before coming back to where I needed to be. Decided to get off where it turns and just walk the rest of the way. A #22 bus went by me. That was really fast for it to do that loop, I thought. A minute later it hit me like a punch in the face. I had put my portfolio case on the seat beside me and walked off the bus without it. “Oh, you prize winning idiot!” Looked back the way the bus had gone. Curse words were uttered. At the intersection I needed to be, I saw a #22 bus pull up. “Oh please let that be it.” Got on and sure enough, there was my book. “Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!”
Besides the potential of permanent loss, or having to go out to their depot way out by their airport to retrieve it, it would have looked pretty stupid to show up and have to say “Yeah I’ve done stuff, but the proof rode away after I didn’t pay attention and forgot it.”

So after that, I decided to walk home. I had the time, it was a nice day, and I needed a good long trek. I found someones insurance and car registration papers later that afternoon. I thought the kind thing to do would be to return them. Karma and all that. The woman wasn’t in the phone book. Called the insurance company to see if maybe they might give me her phone number. No go. So I just went to where she lived, which is not too far away. No one home. No answering machine hooked up to the phone/door system. Went back a few times. Tried the super. No one home. No answering machine hooked up to their phone/door system. Getting a bit frustrated. Andrew tells me not to bother. “The insurance company will just send her some new ones. They send you 7 of the things anyway.” That may be, but the official government permit papers must be a total PITA to re-acquire? This morning I go back. No one home. Tried the super. He is home. Explain it to him. Comes and meets me at the door.
“Thanks. Where did you find them?”
“Herkimer and MacNab. I tried a few times yesterday, but no one is home and I can’t leave a message. I don’t want to come back repeatedly if I can’t arrange a time to meet. I was hoping maybe you could slip it under her door or put it in her mail box.”
“Sure. Yeah she’s in the hospital, that’s why you couldn’t reach her.”

Maybe it was pointless to worry about it, but I figure it was my karmic good deed for the day.

All right back to kicking puppies!

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