Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The repair that wasn’t to be

A few years ago I had Sports Sewing Shop out on Gerrard in Toronto fix a Chlorophylle GoreTex jacket for me. It needed a new zipper, and there were a few very small holes. They did an excellent job and it ended up running me about $50 for everything. That’s reasonable. Certainly compared to having to buy a brand new jacket. I picked it up on Thursday night, didn’t need it on the Friday, and on Saturday I went up north with two friends to put a canoe in storage. I walked out of my building, which had a handle that you turn down to open the front door. I pushed it open, walked through, the handle caught the sleeve of my jacket and “rrrriiiiiiippppppp!!!!” Whole sleeve, about 350° around, ripped right through. No repair was going to fix it. I think people three blocks over must have heard my scream of anguish. I don’t even think I got 5 minutes use out of my repaired jacket.

For a brief moment I had the idea to remove the sleeves and use it as a vest, and then realized that was a silly idea. 

So, I ended up wasting $50 and having to fork over the money for a new jacket in the end anyway.


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