Monday, 30 December 2013

Kayak Update

Things have been quiet on the kayak front lately - wait for it, money issues - but the ball is rolling again. Although there will be another interruption as a 15 foot canoe will be built. That will occupy the strongback for a while. No matter, since there won’t be any kayaking for a few months anyway.

She has had the foot pegs installed, been varnished, the deck mounted and attached, ash rub rails attached.

The bronze stem band went on shortly after this picture was taken. And then the battery in my camera conked out. All that remains to be done is the hatches need to have a weather proof seal put on, blocks need to be placed on the deck for webbing and bunjee attachment and a seat put in. Oh and some Spectra line installed as carry handles. And I think that will be about it.
This is the back end.
And this is the front end.

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  1. Beautiful, Thomas! Simply beautiful. I've been wondering how she was doing. She looks great.