Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hitchcraft – Kifaru Pullout Lanyard Knots

Now that I’ve figured out that the lanyard knot isn’t actually that hard to tie, I’ve been looking for excuses to put them in various spots. Going through stuff, I saw that I never switched out the loop of paracord tied in an overhand knot on the Kifaru Pullouts I have.

I have a small Pullout in 525D in all the colours they offer. The foliage green one got a UCP zipper pull, the coyote brown one got a desert camo zipper pull, and the olive drab one got a woodland camo zipper pull.

I’ve been liking thinner cord lately, but for doing the lanyard knot, the chunkier 550 cord is preferable to work with.


  1. I am irritated at myself that I am unable to tie one of those blasted knots. I've looked at Grog's, I've looked at YouTube vids, I've check out Stormdrane...*sigh*. I can make a paracord bracelet like nobody's business...but I can't tie a blasted lanyard knot!!!

    1. If you go to that Grog's Animated knots, you click on the link for it, and it goes through as a slideshow. But if you click on the image, it stops scrolling through, and becomes a numbered set of pictures, so you can stop it, go back to the previous step, etc. That is what helped me figure it out.

      Keep trying. Eventually you’ll get it. Trust me. I tried dozens of times, and it always fell apart at the end. That site allowed me to go through the steps slowly and get it.

      The other thing that is so great about that site, is that he shows the same knots, but going in a different direction, etc.

      I have to go and see if there is a tip jar or anything over there. The amount of work they’ve done is really admirable.