Monday, 10 August 2015

BIbliophilia: Sew & Repair Your Outdoor Gear – Louise Lindgren

Sew & Repair Your Outdoor Gear – Louise Lindgren

(Just a quick note, the author goes by the surname Summer now. Remarried, reverted to her maiden name - not sure. But worth noting.)

Excellent for anyone interested in this subject. Descriptions of tools and their use, descriptions of fabrics and their properties, descriptions of various notions, sewing techniques, special considerations for repairing gear, and a variety of sewing projects and patterns. Stuff sack, poncho, cagoule, first aid kit, anorak, wind / rain pants, mitts, and gaiters. While the ideas could be followed to the letter, the creative will see just techniques to guide them.

All the photos are black and white, and I appreciate that all the projects were done in a very light colour to make distinguishing details possible.

Since it was published in 1988, it’s a bit dated. Quite a few fabrics have emerged since then, the list of suppliers is probably not so relevant any more (not to mention it’s quaint to see no URLs listed). Several textile research organizations are listed, but again almost 30 years on, I don’t know how accurate that info is.
 But the vast majority of this book is still very relevant to anyone who wants to repair their stuff or have a crack at making their own.

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