Thursday, 27 August 2015

Cookie Butter

I feel sorry for all you non-Hollanders who didn’t get to grow up with this. That’s right suckers! Chocolate sprinkles. On bread. White bread. With butter. And this was a fairly frequent thing. Cry for what you missed. Basically, we used any means possible to turn breakfast or lunch into dessert!
Another component of that healthy Hollandic diet were cookie sandwiches. Yes, weep my friends. I was sent to school with sandwiches with speculaas cookies in between two slices of white bread. And look at me today.

I’m in a groceteria last week and I see this. Get out! So much more convenient than cookies which can break and may not perfectly fit the bread you’re using, there is now speculaas spread. What will they think of next. (Not that I’m actually going to buy it and try it or anything.)

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