Sunday, 26 March 2017

6° of Toronto Rave Scene

One of my nephew’s friends is a gal named Cecilia. Great kid, and they ​seem to have a pretty solid friendship.

One day her mom came and picked her up from his house. His dad thought she seemed familiar, but couldn’t place her. “I hope she wasn’t a one night stand when I was 18” he thought to himself.

​A while later she was over and they were in the front (​what has become the ​music) room, playing records on the turntables. Again, her mom came to pick her up.
“Hey! I recognize that record. It’s ​Transwave. Cycles of Life.”
Andrew was really surprised. Not something a lot of people would recognize. 
“Wait! You’re Sunboy! Now I remember why you look familiar. I came to your place on Sterling in Toronto and bought some records from you.”

Then it all fell into place for him. He’d been a DJ back in the day, and so had she.

Almost 20 years had passed. Appearances change. Memories fade. He’d moved back to Hamilton, she’d moved from Toronto, and years later their kids ended up as classmates and friends.

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