Sunday, 26 March 2017

Bibliophilia: Bombing Nazi Germany by Wayne Vansant

Bombing Nazi Germany: The Graphic History of the Allied Air Campaign That Defeated Hitler in World War II by Wayne Vansant

A concise visual narrative of the air war against the Nazis. 

Starting with a look at WW1’s hints at the potential of strategic bombing, and the inter war years proponents like Italian Giulio Douhet and American Billy Mitchell. Hitler’s Condor Legion’s bombing of Guernica was the first real show of force that proved the theoreticians correct. From there the war’s changing tides and strategies are examined. The British strategy of nighttime bombing, versus the American strategy of daylight bombing, technological advancements, stories of individual crews, the viewpoints of the generals and politicians, the perspective of the German civilians affected by the raids, etc.

The art is excellent and all the relevant points are touched on. Not exhaustive in its details, but a very engaging look at an important chapter of WW2. 

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