Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Get Your Own Tools

I’m always somewhat taken aback - although really I shouldn’t be - by people who work in professions that require them to use tools, and don’t have them. Ones I find cause to use all day, every day. Instead of carrying them around on their person, or even possessing them at all, they seem to regard me as a generous, portable tool caddy.

And the answer is no.

Yes, I know. Dennis Leary wrote a song about me. But I just find that lack of common sense, competence, and concern about your performance, irritating. 

​If the first time you require a tool, it’s what a detective would call a clue. If the need arises again, several times during the day, you’re essentially being battered about the head with a clue by four. Get your act together and have that tool within​ easy reach. Don’t assume your co-workers will be thrilled to be lending you that tool numerous times during the day. No. Get your own goddamn tools.

It’s one thing for a new hire to be uncertain of what tools to have. But someone who’s worked at the job for two decades? This is a joke right?

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