Sunday, 9 April 2017

Bibliophilia: Normandy – A Graphic History of D-Day by Wayne Vansant

Normandy – A Graphic History of D-Day: The Allied Invasion of Hitler’s Fortress Europe by Wayne Vansant

I enjoyed the previously reviewed graphic novel by Mr. Vansant so much, that I immediately grabbed this one.

While I knew about all the salient points discussed here, I thought this was a great overview. Yes, I’ve read scholarly treatises about this pivotal event in world history. Thick books by history professors. Sure, I enjoyed them. But not everyone brings the same level of interest to the table. For some people, those who may still want to learn a little more, without wanting to plow through a thick tome, this is a terrific option.

Again, various perspectives are examined. Allied and Axis. General and private. Citizen and politician. Major battles and small skirmishes. Technology and human will.

The work being done by Mr. Vansant is a very worthwhile attempt to engage a wider and more diverse audience in learning more about history. The art is fantastic, and his ability to synthesize a great deal of info into a cohesive and engaging package is masterful.

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