Monday, 10 April 2017

Damn Dirty Hippies!

I went into the bathroom at the library and recoiled in disgust.

There was an individual of indeterminate gender identity in there.

Is this what disgusted me?

No. Not in the slightest. Don’t care.

Was the fact that this person was wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt and had a bunch of predictably left wing buttons on their bag, what disgusted me?

Well, yeah, that generally disgusts me.

But what really disgusted me was this soap dodgers pungent, hit you from 5 paces away, quickly clamp your mouth shut, immediately expel all the air in your lungs through your nose, BO.

Holy hell, did this scumbag stink!

“Wash, you sack of shit!” was the not particularly articulate comment I gasped out, before quickly turning on my heel.

I can just imagine the conversations in the antifa, SJW, Marxist club house.

“Okay, our next attack on the foundations of civilization needs to be the tyranny of washing. This culture’s unrealistic hygiene standards need to be destroyed. Laundry is simply a conceit of the privileged white people. Poor people from marginalized communities can’t afford a bar of soap, so it’s unfair to make them feel bad with the micro-aggression of smelling nice.”
“Precisely comrade. This revolutionary struggle requires us to stand in solidarity with the downtrodden members of the great unwashed masses. Since we’ve bullied everyone into silence on all the other issues, our next campaign needs to be about wino rights.”
“Exactly! While some of them may well be from the unpeople class of white males, we should make an exception and include them on the intersectionality scale, creating a special victim class just for them. And of course, we should adopt their mode of dress and radical rejection of modern bathing habits.”

Fucking stinky hippies.

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