Monday, 24 April 2017

YouTube’s Skewed Priorities

I watched something yesterday about the controversy regarding the YouTube channel of one “Daddy O 5”. (For those of you not in the loop, white trash parents have five kids who they include in “prank” videos. From what little I saw, most sane people would regard what they do as being verbally and emotionally abusive to these children.) I’m not sure whether I found their treatment of those children more appalling, or that 3 quarters of a million people regard this as “entertainment.”

But my friend Ryan made a great point.

YouTube has recently been de-monetizing channels that feature weapons. Forgotten Weapons, a very informative channel that discusses old, rare, prototype, etc. firearms, takes them apart, shows what makes them interesting, was just one example. Joerg Sprave, and his always entertaining Slingshot Channel was threatened with a ban because he demonstrated how a supposedly stab proof vest was anything but, and that people shouldn't trust their life to it. The geniuses at YT claimed that this was a “training video” for terrorists.

Watch either example for a few minutes, and it quickly becomes apparent they’re harmless.

Yet a channel devoted to emotionally scarring children in a low rent attempt at reality TV stardom - that’s just fine.

Guns? They might harm children! Children being harmed? Meh, no big deal.

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