Saturday, 9 June 2012

50 Things I’ve Used My Leatherman Wave For:

  1. pull a needle through a Cordura and webbing sandwich
  2. crack open pistachios
  3. a fid to open knots
  4. tighten knots
  5. open envelopes
  6. pry apart Lego
  7. cut parachute cord
  8. remove jammed staples from a stapler
  9. open cans
  10. adjust rifle sights
  11. pull out nails
  12. sharpen pencil
  13. cut up boxes
  14. release the ratchet on a zip tie to undo it
  15. cut zip ties
  16. release the latch on MALICE clips
  17. open bottles
  18. remove the childproof feature on a Bic lighter
  19. file finger nails
  20. scrape off stickers
  21. trim nose hairs
  22. cut up parsley
  23. assemble tattoo machines
  24. remove pebble stuck in boot tread
  25. pry the lid off paint cans
  26. remove boil-in-the-bag meals from a pot of boiling water
  27. cut moleskin to treat blisters
  28. peel, core, slice fruit
  29. saw off small branches
  30. remove the cover off a plate maker
  31. kubotan
  32. door stop
  33. plumb bob
  34. throwing weight
  35. beard trimming
  36. paper weight (or more correctly, a map weight)
  37. hammer (small brads and the like if they’ve popped up)
  38. striker for matches
  39. cut barbed wire
  40. dislodge a disc from a drive
  41. clean crud out of a rifle
  42. cut the top off a plastic bottle to serve as a bowl
  43. remove a shell from a bullet to get out the powder
  44. cut the top off of a tube of caulking
  45. pry out a staple
  46. remove a splinter
  47. scratch off the silver stuff on a scratch & win ticket
  48. slice cheese
  49. fix eyeglasses
  50. remove sheathing from wire


  1. Let's hope you never have to pull a tooth with it.

    I just noticed you changed your profile blurb. It is now rated 'A' for Awesome!

    1. But it's comforting to know you can if you have to.

      Yeah, shorter, conciser.