Friday, 7 September 2012

Kayak Build pt. 7


Unpleasantly dusty, but ultimately gratifying removing blemishes to get a smooth, faired boat.
Here you can see the fact that despite the planks being planed to the same thickness and our most careful efforts, you can see how they’re out a smidgeon. A fraction of a millimeter in many cases, but still... One plank shows some residual saw marks too.
This shows the transformation as planks are sanded. 
And more sanded. Not entirely done at this stage, but getting close.
Hank using a plane to knock off some of the high spots prior to sanding.
What the boat looks like sanded.
What I looked like after sanding.
 The boat after coating all the blemishes (damaged cove edges, improperly joined edges, etc.) with a slurry of sawdust and epoxy. After smearing it in and on, more sanding!

The last 4 pics also show the unshaped outer stern stem.
 A friend lent me this Ridgid sander, which unlike the Bosch one I used at first, had a dust collection bag and and was just plain easier to use. Easier to hold, less vibrations, etc. Maybe a bit slower to use, but I liked it.

Go here for part 8 of the build - fiberglassing and epoxying.

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