Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Kayak Build 9

Flipping her over.

After getting the hull done and fiberglassed and epoxied it was time to flip the kayak over so we could commence the deck. Not quite as simple as it sounds. The molds that were inside the hull had to stay in place, and there was a chance of their being jostled and knocked loose.
The bunjee system we put to such good use in constructing the hull we wrapped around the whole package. Placed on the floor so we could prepare the strongback.
The strongback like we haven’t seen it in a while.
The bow mold.
The hull molds attached to the strong back.
The hull back up on the strongback. Most of the plywood pieces attached to the strongback and attached to the molds so that the whole thing would be raised with enough clearance still attached.
And removed.
Removing rough edges off the hull to ensure that the deck will mate perfectly.
And some more views of the hull. From stern to bow.
And from bow to stern.

Tomorrow we start the deck.

Go here for part 10 of the build.


  1. What's the final weight on this going to be?

    1. (We're actually quite a bit further ahead on this than my tardy updates would indicate - the build is going much faster than I am getting to processing the photos of it.) We did a slightly unscientific weigh last week and at this point it comes in around 45 to 50 pounds - thereabouts. Which is about right. Once the cockpit combing goes on, bulkheads go in, foot pegs go in, rub rails go on, it should be about close to the weight the designers project it to be - about 65 pounds.