Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sharpie markers suck.

I have to say it.

I thought it might be a fluke, I got a bad one, but after a whole bunch of experiences, I’m forced to come to the conclusion that the quality of Sharpie markers has gone right in the shitter. 

I got a stainless steel Sharpie marker- dead in no time. I got about a meter worth of line out of it. We got a pack of fine tip Sharpie markers for doing the myriad of marking required on the boat. I swear, each one gave a maybe an inch worth of marking before they shit the bed. Grabbed ones from the sail loft bought at a different time, different batch. No good. Used ones at the tattoo shop. New packet, and dry in a jiffy. Seriously unimpressed.

Jogged down to Mixed Media this morning while I waited for some epoxy to cure, and grabbed two Sakura markers – an IDentipen dual tip and a Microperm 05. Wow, a line that is actually permanent. No wiping off when three minutes later  you inadvertently smudge your arm against it. I like!

Screw you Sharpie, and your shitty markers.

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