Monday, 10 September 2012

Kayak Build pt. 8

Fibreglassing and epoxying.

The worst part of this whole process, but has to be done.
Fiberglass laid across the kayak.
I was on epoxy and hardener mixing detail, and Hank was in charge of smearing it on. With his many years of boat repair experience, he knew what he was doing.
As much as it’s a gooey, gluey, goopy mess, the transformation is remarkable.
First coat on.
Applying the second coat.
Waiting to see if it needs a third coat.
After applying a third coat.

If I may be so, that looks hot. That honey colour is something else. The transformation from dull white to that is spectacular.

Go here for part 9 of the build.


  1. I love the way epoxy makes the wood colour pop! It's gotta be the best moment of boatbuilding, when you can sit back and look at that freshly glassed hull and admire and dream.

    1. Reading a book about kayaking in Georgian Bay while waiting for the deck epoxy to dry today was pretty fine.

  2. That is off-the-chart gorgeous. I am insanely jealous.