Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Four Tattoos You Need To Stop Getting Right Now

I almost spit coffee out of my nose.

“Girls, you are the worst offenders. I can almost guess which of these images you’re about to show me when you pull out your pink, blingy iPhone and start scrolling through the images. And I wait and wait as your squared-off plastic french manicure thumbnail taps the screen repeatedly while you search through all the duckface pics you made in the ladies room at Chipotle.” 

Having spent a fair bit of time in tattoo shops and around tattooists, I see and hear about it all. And yes he is correct. The amount of herd mentality you see in tattoo clients, especially women is unreal. You see these waves of the same damn design/essential design come through. And when you offer to draw something along those lines, but you know, a little more unique, no no, they want that exact same tattoo they just handed you a shitty low rez JPEG print out of.

At one point 
it was butterflies, then it was kanji, then it was ass antlers, then it was a little heart on the wrist with the word love in it. Now it’s these sheets of “profound” text and  “inspirational” quotes. As a friend of mine, who is even more cynical than I am, has no qualms about saying, “some things just need to be kept to a T-shirt or a framed picture on the wall.” Thanks for helping pay the rent, but good god damn, develop a personality already.

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