Tuesday, 5 February 2013

S.o.t.D. - What’s On Your Mind? – Sine

Em:t was an ambient offshoot of the T:me label. With their distinctive animal covers by Designers Republic and explorations of ambient sounds, all the releases still stand as a shining hallmark of the genre. All the recordings were processed using the Roland Sound Space RSS 3D sound imaging system, giving the music an extra “spacious” quality. I recall many wonderful adventures undertaken while listening to Em:t artists. Some of them included Woob and Gas. (Another head bender was this track by Celia Green.) Sadly the label only operated for four years in the mid 90s before going under. Their releases were always hard to find, and they now fetch kooky prices if you can find them.

This however remains my favourite track from the label. Something about it really captured my imagination. Especially love the part just before the five minute mark where it really kicks in. I’ve been hunting for it on YouTube for years so I could share it here.

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