Thursday, 7 February 2013

WW2 Netherlands Escape Lines

Being from the Netherlands, and also having an interest in history, I found this really engrossing. A site devoted to telling the stories of (mainly) Dutch (but also Belgian, Luxembourger and French) people (don’t think it’s too hyperbolic of me to say heroes) who hid and helped shot down Allied flyers and return to their own lines, and Jewish onderduikers flee the Nazi’s clutches.

The people who did this, did so at an almost unfathomable risk to them selves and their families. Truly awe inspiring the courage they displayed. Lest We Forget.


  1. I've long been interested in the Holocaust and have read many books about the subject. I always felt like I could get some idea of what it was like for Dad to live through the war. I wish I could go back to school just to study WW2 history - and not about the bombings or the military strategy, but the humans. How they lived and survived. I guess I truly wish I could sit down with Dad and ask him all the questions I never did. I once tried to ask Oom Piet about their family's experience, but got nothing. Maybe it was just too painful. I just finished the novel "The Plum Tree" that was set in Germany during the war. Very moving. I loved the graphic novels you recommended too.

    1. The grand sweep of history can be interesting (the political machinations, the speeches by the king, etc.) but I too find the stories of the "small players", the regular people who stepped up to perform extraordinary feats in the most difficult circumstances far more interesting.

      (Speaking of books about the Holocaust, I was at the library a while back, and there are a truly amazing number of books on the subject. More than two sections of shelving, floor to ceiling.)