Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pier 1 Cleanup

I’ve been telling my nephew for a while now about my “secret beach.” Told him I’d show him where it is one of these days. Sunday was an absolutely perfect spring day, so his dad and I took him down there. I have also wanted to clean up some of the garbage that is down there, which they offered to help me with. Some of it is due to shitheads not bothering to clean up after themselves, and some of it is what blows out of peoples blue boxes and ends up in the lake, to be washed ashore there. It was our day before Earth Day good deed.
Good work team! We could have filled a few more bags. An assignment for another day I suppose.
While it was an awkward load, it was easier to carry it on my back, than trying to scramble up hills with it in my hand.
If I was really gung-ho I would have separated it all into recyclable and non-recyclable, but I was a slacker eco-activist and didn’t do that.

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