Sunday, 11 October 2009


I got some MEC reflective bands, so that I could make one into a Velcro backed patch I could stick on a pack, map case, hat, whatever. Most of my stuff is very subdued, and there are times when I need to be more spottable. Walking along the side of a road at night, that sort of thing.

The other one I decided to do something slightly different with.
I took the Velcro that allowed it to be attached around a leg, off.
Then I took an orange hair band, and sewed it on one end.
What I ended up with is a day-glo orange, reflective dangler, that I can attach in a variety of places.
The easiest thing to do with it is attach it through the PALS on a pack. If it’s loose at the bottom it flutters around, which I think is actually okay. Or I can put the bottom through a PALS slot and it will stay put. I’ve used it to mark a well hidden site. I went off to do some exploring at night, and it allowed me to find the site again without any difficulty.

Weighs very little, takes up virtually no room (see the first pic), simple project, and it helps me be visible when I need to be.

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