Sunday, 27 February 2011


Here is trainee covert agent (code named) “Curly Red” of N.E.R.F. (National Emergency Response Force) undergoing arduous training by experienced members of N.E.R.D. (Netherlands Elite Recon Detachment). The trainee has just been handed an Exploriment Laboratory Nerf’mups to test and evaluate. The Nerf’mups is the latest in elite tactical specops commando Delta Ranger sniper covert SWAT mission counter-terrorist SEAL operator hostage rescue gear!! Red’s face has been obscured so that if he passes the rigorous selection and training and goes on real covert missions, he won’t be recognized by the evil forces arrayed against good order, decency and sanity.
Here is the Nerf’mups fitted with the Exploriment Laboratory Nerf StrikeFire Holster’mups.
On the right hand side is a Maxpedition Holder for his HyTek Komms X-5000.
Closer view of the Exploriment Laboratory Nerf StrikeFire Holster’mups, with a ready array of D.A.R.T.s (Debilating Ambulatory Resistor Traumatizers).
On the left hand side is a Maxpedition MiniRollyPolly, for quickly stowing spent mags in the heat of fearsome exchanges.
View from above.
Ammo ready and loaded for instant reloads. Strikefire ready and loaded for immediate response.
Besides chest rig mode, it can also be worn as a shoulder bag....
...or in bandoleer mode.
Easy access to the all important communications gear.
When fighting the fearsome foes the agents of N.E.R.F. will undoubtedly face, spent mags can be quickly stowed.
Some agents prefer their Holster’mups on their leg, but some prefer them high up on the chest for quick reaction drills when their primary weapon goes down.
The grooming standards in the elite N.E.R.F. are fairly relaxed. In order to blend in, hair is kept longer than usual, and clothes are casual and loose for strenuous physical combat, and emblazoned with familiar local symbols in order to not arouse suspicion on top secret covert missions. The Nerf’mups and weapon systems it supports is deployed only when there is no other option left but to engage the opposition. But make no mistake! These are the most fearsome foam flingers the world has ever seen!

I had the idea to make him a holster and a chest rig for his Nerf setup. He was running around trying to cram a Nerf pistol in his waistbelt and lugging a sleeping bag sack filled with magazines and loose darts around.
“No really, this works fine.”
“That nonsense makes the baby Buddha cry.”
So I built him this. I admittedly didn’t make it to the highest standards. I used up some crappy fake Cordura from a “Flash In The Can” conference attache case, some 420D-ish material, and some crummy floppy webbing I had from ages of scrounging. I didn’t sew it to exceptional tolerances. No bartacking, no triple stitching. It’s a kids plaything. No need to go overboard.
I would have made this out of something that photographs better than black, but I want to keep that for real stuff. And this also gave me a chance to purge some lesser quality stuff from the bins. 
Elastic retention on the mag pouches to allow for security and quick access.
Fun project to do. Just the satisfaction of making him something unique myself. I had previously made him a Batman Utility Belt, and this was just as much fun to make.

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