Monday, 31 January 2011

Tourniquet Holder 3

So I’ve been on a bit of a tear lately, devising different ways to hold a tourniquet on the outside of a blowout pouch. The first one was my take on an already existing design, the second one was a little bit more original.

It’s a fairly simple premise, and yet it’s not. A tourniquet is something that needs to be accessed quickly, and when it is accessed, the user will quite possibly be injured and will likely have diminished fine motor skills. (Oh and it also needs to be securely attached. It doesn’t do a lot of good if the easy way to access it causes it to get lost.) The first design I found awkward to get the tourniquet out of - it required two hands to work free as the windlass and clip got hung up in the elastic. The second design utilized a cord lock, which under normal circumstances might be okay to manipulate, but not when you’re under duress. 

Back to the drawing board. I though of using some WebDominators, but the orientation didn’t really jive with where I wanted to carry the tourniquet.
I grabbed a piece of 1.5" webbing 3" long, a piece of 1" webbing 3.5" long and three pieces of 1" webbing 1.5" long. I didn’t bother with a piece of plastic to stiffen it as the Malice Clip would suffice.
Two WebDominators.
Then two 18" pieces of shock cord and a 4" piece of red 1" webbing. (Had to use orange thread as I didn’t have any red.)
I think this is getting closer to the ideal.
A yank on the easy to see and easy to grab red tab, and the tourniquet is released.
The other thing about this design is that is can also hold an H&H CinchTight...

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