Saturday, 11 February 2012

Type Design - Plutocrat

Another old typeface. I started this back in 91. Nothing earth-shatteringly original, simple shapes used to create a simple display face, but I still like it. A lot of the time back then my aim was simply to have something  a little funkier than what I had access to, and to have something that no one else had.

Like so many of my typefaces, this was one that I would add a couple of characters to here and there, as the need arose for a logo or headline. Sometimes I would generate an actual font to load into the system, and sometimes it would remain as a Fontographer file, with characters to be exported as needed. So a lot of my early typefaces were only Fontographer files and not having a way to access them, kept many of them locked away for ages. I’ve converted all of them with FontLab’s FogLamp, and it’s neat to see stuff I haven’t seen in a decade or more.

Back when I did this I had to spread alternate characters across three different fonts, but now with OpenType I think I’ll just stick them all into one font. 
And in use in a logo.

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