Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bibliophilia: Russian Amerika & Alaska Republik by Stoney Compton

A fun and fluffy read about an alternate North America. One where Canada is split between a French and British side, America is a Union and Confederate side, a Texas and California Republic, the Natives control a large chunk of the Midwest and Northwest, the Mormons have a little chunk, and Alaska is controlled by a backwards Czarist Russia. The Dene, sick of repression, revolt to oust the Russians. Who have a handful of old tanks and planes in all of Alaska, and some inept soldiers. Fun enough read. And I admit, the P-51s on the covers made me pick them up. One point that bugged me is he describes the protagonist as near 2 meters tall, and then a few pages later describes him as having trouble moving his stubby legs through the snow, while his much lankier companion has no trouble at all. Much lankier than 2 meters? Dude needs to figure out what 2 meters means.

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