Thursday, 23 August 2012

Kayak Build pt. 2

Some more crappy photos of the build.
We explored the idea of roller stands to feed the lumber (2"x10"x20' cedar) through the table saw, and then subsequently through the planer and router. Ended up devising our own system. Mounted some 2x4s to the beams in the ceiling and fastened them to the floor. Then we mounted a horizontal piece of 2x4 with some pieces of ultra-high molecular weight poyethyene atop them. Very slick, and with a chamfered edge along the side the lumber would be coming from, it worked perfectly. Rather than screwing the wood together, we just mounted it with a clamp to accommodate the different height of the different tools. If one was slighty higher or lower than the other, we could adjust and drive on.
Some UHMW tape on the surface of the table saw also helped with getting the wood across.
Ripping strips. And making sawdust. Lots of sawdust.
First cuts. These will then be down their lengths into even thinner strips.
But before that could happen they needed to be planed. Four planks side by side to make the process a little faster.
And a little more sawdust.
Then the ripping into thinner planks could begin.
And just because I love the stuff so much, we produced a bit more sawdust.
The strips were then planed again. And, yes, some more sawdust for good measure. 6 garbage bags full in one day.
Table full of strips.
Stinking hot attic, lots of sawdust....not so fun. Oh well. Just wait till the sanding portion.
Wait, let me just sweep up a little more sawdust.

Go here for part 3 of the build.

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  1. It's The Scarlet Pimpernel!! Great photos...I don't know what you're talking about.