Friday, 12 October 2012

Autumnal Splendour

Two days of walking. Out along the Radial Trail and Scenic Drive. One day I just went wandering for exercise and fun and enjoying the scenery. The second day I went for the afore mentioned and also to wander out to Ancaster to a large retail center partly to a branch of a large chain of home improvement stores to investigate different materials for water resistant seals for kayak hatches.
Brought along a hiking helper and sauntered in the direction of the golf course. Temps were idyllic. Sweater weather. Despite that, and despite it being a few hours before dusk, there was no one out playing.
The post war era clubhouse. Looking a little down at the heels now. Actually went into it for the first time today. It’s usually closed, and I other wise have little to no cause to go in. Filled a water bottle from the fountain.
Spencer Gorge in the distance.
 Another glimpse across the valley.
Funny how you can live in a place for years, and there are still spots you’ve never explored. For some reason, when I take this trail, I usually always take it back. Rarely go along the road, and usually only at night, that skirts the top of the Escarpment. (The old rail trail being only about halfway up it.) Of course the views are a little better. Duh. Went along the edge and found some tracks that led to a nice look out.
A look out across the area I refer to as the old rifle range. To me this is one of the reasons I like living here. Not far from home are little spots like this. A bit out of the way, with a nice view.
In the center, about a quarter of the way from the left, you can make out the rock shelf that the previous two pictures were taken from.
Sit, enjoy the fall colours, admire the view, saunter home again.
Former railway line.
Former railway line, the next day.
McMaster Hospital in the center of the photo.
Same spot I was in yesterday, just on an overcast day.
Cliffview Gorge.
Delighted to see a young fox dart out in front of me, grab a walnut in its mouth, and run off into the woods clinging to the Escarpment.
Upper Sanatorium Falls...I think.

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  1. This is one of my favourite posts...thanks for showing us the nose on our face!