Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bibliophilia: Power Down, Coup d’État, The Last Refuge by Ben Coes

Power Down – Ben Coes
Coup d’État – Ben Coes
The Last Refuge – Ben Coes

Novels in the Brad Thor/Vince Flynn vein. Nothing very deep, just a few evenings of escapist fun. About as subtle as being T-boned by a truck, and even less plausible than the afore mentioned writers, but a guilty pleasure. And they also suffer from the same sorts of utterly banal covers that the Vince Flynn books have. There must be a factory that churns out generic images with a building in Washington/seal of some branch of government/guy with a gun/explosion and some sort of gauzy, waving Stars and Stripes super or under-imposed just for these sorts of novels.

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