Friday, 6 September 2013

Axe Cop

I heard an interview with one of the creators a few days ago and part way in I knew I was going to be a fan. The creator interviewed was the older partner, Ethan Nicolle, who was 29 when he started work on it. The other partner is his much younger step-brother Malachai Nicolle, who was 5 when they started Axe Cop.

Ethan was playing with Malachai and likely an assortment of action figures, dinosaurs, etc. When I played with my at the time five year old nephew and our collection of PlayMobil I never thought to tell him that dinosaurs were extinct when the vikings were around and that they didn’t have helicopters. I just let him direct the playing with his imagination and went along with whatever scenario he dreamed up. Well, not only did Ethan delight in his younger siblings wild flights of fantasy, but given that he was a talented comic book artist, he decided to turn them into something for others to enjoy.

This is all kinds of awesome. It is utterly chaotic, follows the demented logic of a five year olds brain, but is just all sorts of great.

The titular character fights crime with a fireman’s axe. He has robot arms in his moustache. He was briefly married to a female Abraham Lincoln. He has a pet T-Rex called Wexter that has gatling guns for arms. He has partners like Flute Cop, Sockarang who has socks for arms that can detach and be thrown like boomerangs, Ralph Wrinkles the talking dog, and Best Fairy Ever. He is opposed by villains like Telescoping Gun Cop and Dr. Stinkyhead, and of course an array of zombies, robots and aliens. Axe Cops battle cry is “I’ll chop your heads off!”

Check it out!

And there are more.

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