Monday, 23 June 2014

Klever Kutter Karrier

A place I work at sometimes insists people use these “Klever Kutters” to open boxes. I thought it was silly, but whatever. 
It works I guess, although I did see people get injured by them. They flail away at pallet wrap with it, hit the pallet, the tip breaks off, they don’t notice and when they reach into their pocket to grab it, they slice a finger open. I’m of the mind set that how you use a tool is more an indicator of whether you’ll get injured by it rather than thinking that a safety feature will protect without fail. I’d rather someone with a clue uses whatever cutting tool they can manage safely, than think an 18 year knucklehead won’t manage to foolishly misuse a “fool-proof” gimmick. 

It worked all right for the number of times I used it, but the Spyderco Tenacious I carry could have done the job just as well and just as safely - because I use it safely.

I decided to make a little sheath for it.
Just used some seat belt webbing I had laying around. Folded it in 3 - one part forms the belt loop, one part forms the holder.
I put some seam tape at the ends. Sewn by hand on breaks one day.
Realized a limitation the first time I used it - with a belt loop that goes all the way to the bottom, pulling on the tool, pulls the sheath all the way up, and made it tough to get the tool back in.
Nothing a couple of stitches didn’t remedy.
And of course, I also added a lanyard, with two lanyard knots. I can pull it out of the sheath easier, and the loop is big enough to put two fingers through, meaning I could hang on to it while I used my fingers for other tasks.
Simple carrier for a little tool that works, but that I would never have spent my own money on by choice.


  1. Oh sure...rub it in that you can make lanyard knots. Thanks a lot, Thomas. *grumble*

    1. Now that I can do them, I want to put them everywhere.

      Seriously - Groggs Animated Knots. Keep trying. That's how I got it.