Monday, 29 December 2014

What constitutes fame keeps being diluted

My niece informed me that she is dating a boy. She also informed me that his dad is famous. Well. A famous person! Who could it be? A noted captain of industry? A celebrated author of books? A feted stalwart of broadcasting? A lauded performer of music? An honoured doctor of science?

“He makes videos of himself eating stuff on YouTube. He has one where he eats a jar of pickles, and another one where he eats a jar of Nutella. He makes a living from it.”

Wow! We really are living in the end times. I’m not sure what does my head in more. That someone can make a living eating a jar of something if they video tape it or that people spend their valuable time watching this or that doing this now apparently constitutes fame.

1 comment:

  1. See, I'm too much of an optimist be disappointed by this sort of thing.

    I'll agree that "eating stuff on YouTube" doesn't exactly strike me as fame-worthy. But, to this fellow probably doesn't think Joe Brewer is or should be famous, while I'd be more than glad to argue the point that he is and should be.

    It's the long tail.

    I'll put up with your noise, if you'll put up with mine. All that truly matters is that don't have to go back to a world fame was designated by one of four TV channels.