Sunday, 25 January 2015

Modular Gear For The Rest Of Us: Atlas 46

While the military may well have led the pack when it comes to modular gear, it delights me to no end when I see some of those concepts applied to other endeavours.

John Carver was the man behind Eagle Industries, who it might be said pioneered the tactical sewn goods industry. He has started another venture, Atlas 46, aimed at the construction trade. During my stint framing houses, I found what I was using underwhelming and had some ideas for making my own, incorporating some of the ideas I was seeing in military gear. I switched to other employment and the ideas never saw the light of day. Mr. Carver has taken what he learned making gold standard tactical gear and applied it to the job site. Lots of nicely thought out features. Reasonable prices too.

A selection:
AIMS Main Tool Attachment Pouch
AIMS Screw and Nail Attachment Pouch

A feature I thought was intriguing was this ability to close up or subdivide this pouch.
AIMS Drill Holster
Journeyman Apron XL
Ladder Pad

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