Saturday, 1 August 2015

State of the Blog: A to Z

There are 3562 posts on my blog.
They are tagged with 3173 tags.
265 books have been reviewed.
1969 songs have been featured.
I’ve received 648 comments.
Every letter of the alphabet is represented. There are 7 entries under Q, but only 4 under X.
Look hard enough and you’ll locate a Hidden Agenda and a Hidden Orchestra.
It wavers between extremes of Solid State or Fragile State.
The funky house of Motorbass and the metal mayhem of Motorhead rub shoulders.
J. G. Ballard & J. G. Thirlwell are neighbours.
Lake Ontario is more popular than Lake Erie.
6 Fenix flashlights are reviewed.
There are Wicked Plants and Wicked Bugs.
The rocking of Jah Rocker causes Jah Wobble to wobble.
You can find The Bees, The Cobra, The Eagles, The Flamingos, The Black Dog and The Wolf at the Door.
The subject of DIY is brought up 131 times.
There’s a Jarkko and a Jaakko.
Coldplay and Coldcut each get 3 entries.
Hod Lipson & Hol Baumann live near one another. 
Cootes Paradise is mentioned 31 times.
Nico appears 6 times, but not once is it the 60’s chanteuse.
Add up the Jon’s, John’s, Jonny’s, Johnny’s and Jonathan’s and it amounts to 26.
There are 24 Dave’s or David’s.
Michael’s, Mike’s, Miguel’s and Mick’s represent 18 entries.
Rob’s, Robert’s, Robin’s, Robyn’s, Bob’s also amount to 18.
Jesus Jones gets a mention, but Jesus Christ does not.
Graphic design is discussed 137, typography 109, type design 67, and logos 33 times.
There are 12 DJ something or others.
Both Bin Laden and Shakespeare have been killed.
Ten Madison gets 2 mentions, Ten Walls only gets 1.
Hamilton is represented 117 times.
There’s a Hardfloor and a Hardkiss. 
You can go Inside Combat Rescue or Inside Delta Force.
Decide between Big Bud or Bigga Bush.
Lego appears 39 times and tattoos 33 times.
You can be either Above the Smoke or Below the Boat.
Doc Scott, Doctor Rockit and Dr. Seuss will see you now.
I’m sweet on both Sugar Hill Gang and Sugar Shack Tattoos.
Of all the music featured, Bluetech is far and away the most popular, with 37 entries. Synkro is next with 22, Lusine with 20, Tipper 15, Phaeleh 14, Tom Middleton and Skinny Puppy tied for 13, Swans and Global Communication tied for 11, and Wolfgang Press, Coil and Burial in a 3 way tie for 10.
Locals and pals Legion of Green Men have 11 and Watershell has 9.
4AD is a record label that gets more mention than NinjaTune or On-U-Sound. 53 to 24 to 11. 
There are 27 products I’ve designed and made with the “-----------’mups” designation.
Pick a colour: Al Green, Big Black, Blue Haze, Red House Painters, White Stripes or Yellow Magic Orchestra.
Zero One and Zero 7 vie for some of the last spots.

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