Thursday, 28 April 2016

1" Bra G-Hooks rather than ITW G-Hooks (pt.2)

Thought I should do a follow-up on this, and report my findings.

Regrettably, I fear these aren’t as ideal as I had wished.

As you can see, several months of tightening and being under tension has deformed them. I’ve sewn a few of these with two g-hooks, but doubt that will really be any better. Just not sure it’s meant to withstand the rigours I’ve been subjecting it to.


And, amusingly enough, I managed to bust a ladder lock. Something I scrounged from Canadian army surplus, so this could well be 20 or more years old. Weak plastic to begin with, years of abuse on a piece of issued gear before I got a hold of it, my being too hard on it - who knows.

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