Thursday, 16 June 2016


There was a Contigo bottle a client had left at the shop, languishing in the basement for well over a year. My Sigg bottle cracked and leaked, and I needed a new bottle. I kindly adopted this poor, abandoned one. But I needed a way to carry it. So, naturally I made one.

Fairly straightforward. Took some 3" webbing I had, sewed a 2" strip down the front and another one down the inside back, PALS webbing along the back, a Duraflex Spring Release Buckle on the front, a 1" strap on the top, a cord lock at the bottom on the back and then threaded bungee cord through the whole thing.

I put a piece of 1" edge tape across the buckle to prevent it from flopping around, and to make it easier to reseat the male end of the buckle back into the female end of the buckle.
Mounted along the back of the Messenge’mups.
And it also holds this aluminum bottle...
....and this thermos.

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