Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Just what the world has been clamouring for! The world’s first tactical thread snip holster! For rapid deployment of cord cutting tools on covert black cloth missions! 
Okay, in all seriousness, I picked up these (quite nice) thread snips at the terrific Lee Valley. 
I use them a lot for work, and wanted some way to carry them on my belt. So, naturally, I made something for that very purpose.
The snips open by squeezing the sides together. I removed the wire loop at the end of the sheath, put some cord through and attached them to the holster that way. Piece of 1" webbing forms the bottom, a piece of 2" webbing forms the front, and a piece of 1½" forms the back. Sewed 1" webbing on for the PALS, put a malice clip through, and voila. It’s not pretty, but it serves its purpose perfectly.

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