Monday, 7 August 2017


The Patch’mups, a panel I made for all my Velcro backed embroidered patches. There is loop Velcro fabric available, but it’s pricey. I took four lengths of 4" loop Velcro and sewed it to a piece of 420 denier packcloth, folded it in half, inserted a piece of HDPE, sewed it together, and then put paracord with button knots on the end through the 1" tube sewn into the top. (And 85 of those patches, I sewed hook Velcro to. By hand. Ugh...) 

(Suspending it in the centre like that, still makes it bow. A rigid tube through the top will fix that, or suspending it from two hooks close to the ends, rather than one in the centre, will also make it hang better. That’s the option I’ll go with.) 

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