Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Kayak Build pt. 6

The hull planking is completed.

We built up one side until it overlapped the centerline. Then with some sail maker pins we placed a string over the centerline and marked the center. Used a dozuki saw to cut away most of the excess wood, and then used a chisel and plane to make a perfectly straight line of wood.
Now closing in the other side could begin. Painstaking work to make sure everything fit the way it should.
Piece by piece it came together.
A quick and dirty composite picture of the last piece of wood to go in. Took me an hour of exacting shaping, removing a sliver at a time to get a precise fit.
Closed. What had been a woodworking project, was now finally a definitive object.

Go here for part 7 of the build.


  1. Stormdrane (who I respect a lot!) is quite correct. That is an awesome project!