Thursday, 1 November 2012

Amazing Find

Friends were down on Ottawa Street where a book store was going out of business. With books being sold for a $1, they grabbed a bunch. One of the books was bought with the idea that it would be given to a school chum who digs trains. A book from 1970 by Guy R. Williams, The World of Model Trains.
Seeing as my dad was really into trains, I had to have a look through it. He had a very impressive collection, and worked for a company in Amsterdam called Merkelbach repairing model trains. 

Imagine my surprise upon flipping through it, just a few pages in, to see a photo of my dad. 
The man on the left. The caption for the photo reads “Model trains are always a great success at international toy fairs. Here is one being enthusiastically studied at Nurnberg.” Considering he went to that convention every year for years, maybe not so surprising that one time he would be in a spot  where a photographer would snap a pic.

They decided that I should have the book instead. I was very appreciative.


  1. Fantastically serendipitous discovery!

    1. I’ll say!

      They needed to go pick up some framed prints, and hadn’t planned on going that day, but did. If I hadn’t bumped into them, and had a chance to flip through that long out of print book, it would have been given away, and I would be none the wiser.

      And then there is the whole aspect of my dad being there in that spot when that photographer snapped that picture.