Sunday, 19 May 2013

Makers: The Clockmaker

My dad was (among other things) a clock maker. Or a horologist, to use the technical term. I now kick myself that I didn’t take more of an interest in it when he was still alive, as it’s one of those supposedly dying, but still in demand skills. I’ve given some thought over the years that I should perhaps pursue it as a vocation. I figure I would be good at it and enjoy it. I like precise, finicky work, fixing things, solving problems, have great manual dexterity, etc. Alas, here in Canada at least, there is only one school that teaches it left in Canada, but it’s a French speaking school in Quebec, and it is slated to close. To pursue it at this stage in my life, would mean overcoming some very big hurdles.

This film about Cape Town clock maker Darryn Clark/Time Menders, gives an idea of some of what it all involves. As this video mentions, there are many skills that it touches on - metal work, woodwork, chemistry, mechanics, micro mechanics, etc. 

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