Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Iconic WWII photo to be immortalized in sculpture

I’ve expressed my thoughts about this photo here:
11:11 11/11/11

I tend to have the emotional capacity of a rock for the most part, but that picture totally gets to me every time I see it. But I didn’t know much about it. And the question I really had.....was there a reunion?

I was up early checking out CBC’s news site, when I saw the above title. “Could it be....?  Yes!” I read the article, and it reminded me that I really need to dust in here. It’s playing havoc with my allergies.

Turns out there is a name for the photo - “Wait for me, Daddy.” Turns out I was incorrect about the date - 1940, not 1939 - but correct about the location - New Westminster, British Columbia. And the people in that gut punch of a slice of human drama are Bernice, Warren ‘Whitey’, and Jack Bernard. And most happily....yes, young Warren Bernard got to see his father again. Five years later, but better than the alternative.

Sad that they couldn’t have found a Canadian sculptor to do the piece, but glad that amazingly powerful photo is being made into a physical form.

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