Monday, 16 December 2013

Maps That Will Change How You Look At The World

I always find maps and infographics fascinating, and these are particularly interesting.

What Antarctica would look like without ice. You’ll be stunned to see what the most common highest paid public employee in America is. You’ll laugh at literal Chinese translations for European country names. Graphs showing the world’s population by latitude and longitude. Countries sized by how much oil they have. Selected U.S. cities renamed for countries with similar GDPs. Where there are internet “black holes”. Air traffic over 24 hours.

Some of these maps are works of art (rivers of America, earthquake frequency, airline routes all over the world {shown below})

What directions the rivers of the world flow in.
Lightning strikes
Airline routes all over the world.

(The second one has a few repeats, but the new one make it worth it.)

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