Sunday, 4 May 2014

Red Tailed Hawk on the Iroquois Bar pt. 1

There is now a red tailed hawk nest in a tree at the foot of the Iroquois Bar. In the CN yard below, they’ve done some bulldozing. I wonder if they might not have set up there because of the animals attracted to the disturbed soil, looking for grubs, worms, roots, etc. Drop out of the nest, grab something, and carry it back up. The thermals and wind patterns due to the cliff and its proximity to the lake likely play a factor as well.

But this is the first time in all the years of living here that we’ve spotted a nest in the trees.
Wandered into the rail yard to get a look at the nest from below. (You can just make out the disturbed soil beneath.)
It flew over us and not long after a Blue Jay came to squawk at it, and swoop in to harass the hawk. We may think it’s neat that it’s there, but clearly some of the other residents don’t appreciate it.

Photos taken by Andrew Little.

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