Sunday, 23 November 2014

Bibliophilia: The Manhattan Projects – Jonathan Hickman & Nick Pitarra

The Manhattan Projects Vol. 1 – Jonathan Hickman & Nick Pitarra
The Manhattan Projects Vol. 2 – Jonathan Hickman & Nick Pitarra 

Here in this graphic novel adaptation of the story of the Manhattan Project, we meet some of the players involved in this pivotal chapter of history.

We meet Joseph Oppenheimer who is the evil twin brother of Robert, and who eats the brain of an alien he’s just killed to gain the knowledge of space travel. We meet Enrico Fermi, who is really an alien disguised as a human. We meet Harry Daghlian, who after dying from radiation poisoning, has become a floating, irradiated skeleton in a special suit. We meet Albrecht Einstein, an alcoholic German physicist and Albert Einstein’s evil doppelganger. We meet artificial reality President F.D. Roosevelt. We meet President Harry F. Truman who spends his time engaged in Freemason rituals. We meet a very bellicose US Army lieutenant general Leslie Groves. We meet Wernher von Braun, who betrayed the Nazis and has a robotic left arm. We meet Yuri Gagarin, the Russian cosmonaut. We meet Laika, the Russian space dog can speak, and is smarter than anyone gives it credit for. 

What the hell is going on here?

This shit is completely gonzo. Weird but fun. If you like your alternate history really bent, this is for you.

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