Friday, 30 October 2015

Bibliophilia: Shaolin Cowboy; Shemp Buffet – Geof Darrow

Shaolin Cowboy; Shemp Buffet – Geof Darrow

I read this last night...okay I looked at the pictures in this last night. The dialogue is so sparse, you may as well concede it’s non-existent. Utterly demented and completely gonzo. If you’re into zombies and/or really exceptional illustration, this is the book for you. Certainly this is one of the most unique takes on the zombie genre. 4 dozen pages of 2 wide panels stretched across 2 pages of the titular hero twirling two chainsaws attached to the ends of a 5 meter pole through a horde of thousands of naked grey and olive coloured zombies, with the predictable carnage. Then, when his chainsaws run out of gas, we’re treated to a dozen and a half pages of him running across the heads of the zombies, each step unleashing a bloody, brainy slurry. After several pages of his catching his breath, we get 2 dozen pages of his kicking and punching the shuffling horde of rotting corpses to annihilation.

All of it done in Darrow’s exquisite and hyper detailed illustration style. I thought his work on Frank Miller’s Hard Boiled was completely insane. This is even more unhinged.

Totally absurd and nihilistic, and dare I say, kinda brilliant and hilarious.

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