Sunday, 4 October 2015

Bambu Spork

Was browsing around in the hippy store recently, and came across this little gem. 
Seeing as I am a member of the elite SporkForce, we need to be proficient in the the use of all spork designs.
Here you can see it making short work of some rebellious pad thai.

From a company called Bambu. All I can find on their site is sets of 4 of these. (In much larger quantities as well, since it appears that these can be regarded as disposable - albeit less obnoxious than plastic.) Although they do sell them in a cork case as well. And a different spork as well.
In this sequence of photos you can see that it has no trouble overcoming some recalcitrant edamame salad.

37 mm at its widest (1½"), 94 mm at its longest (3¾"), less than 10 grams (.3 ounces)

As you can see, it’s not ideal for getting to the bottom of an eat from the bag meal or ice cream tub, but good for most other things. Nice design. Lovely form and texture. And I like the medium they used. Will wash and reuse rather than throw away. An elegant little tool for EDC.

Now if they could just make one from titanium.

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